Our Approach

We are not dabblers or dilettantes when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues. Many supposedly “green” agencies are all too happy to take your money and then tarnish your brand with half-baked claims or flat-out greenwashing. Our long experience in corporate social responsibility tells us it’s better to work behind the scenes to get your house in order before rushing to market with a questionable green message.

To that end, we offer a two-pronged approach. For companies interested in “going green” but still in the early stages of getting there, our Research & Insights Consulting Division provides expert technical guidance on air, water, waste, energy, and transportation issues. We’ll develop your strategic marketing plan with recommendations for how to get results. You may turn this plan over to your internal team, send to your contracted ad or PR agency, or better yet, let EnviroMedia work its magic with implementation.

Research glassesResearch & Insights

Research forms the basis of everything we do at EnviroMedia. Digging deep into existing marketplace conditions, target audiences, stakeholders, similar campaigns, established trends, and work done by the “competition” builds a more complete picture and helps ensure critical details are not overlooked.

creative rocketCreative services

We pride ourselves on our creative thinking across the full spectrum of advertising media. This covers traditional and digital, including complete websites, online games, banner ads, and other interactive content. At EnviroMedia, every creative element we develop is evaluated for memorability, strategic effectiveness, cultural appropriateness, and its ability to add value to your brand.

Approach_OutreachOUTREACH &

When it comes to engaging the grass roots, no one does it like EnviroMedia. We’ve installed 14-foot lawn sprinklers in malls to draw attention to outdoor water-saving tips. We’ve transformed a downtown San Diego parking lot into a test drive center for 300 electric car2go vehicles. We’ve even handed out designer litterbags on the beach during Spring Break. Our creativity and strong network of experiential marketing talent allow us to get the message out as few can.

Approach_PRPublic relations & Social Media

PR and social media represent some of the most cost-effective ways to showcase a program. EnviroMedia has experience with traditional media relations tactics, including feature article writing, interview placement, newsletter development, blog management, public speaking, and conference participation. We also have plenty of experience with special events and social media campaigns. We’ve generated millions of dollars in earned media for our clients. We have extensive experience delivering training webinars to educate employees and stakeholders.


We are experts in developing comprehensive, strategic media campaigns that successfully reach a target audience to increase awareness and inspire action. Our in-house media planning and buying group provides target-appropriate research that drives the recommended media plan, negotiates buys on your behalf, traffics the creative to media vendors, provides detailed reporting, and reconciles vendor invoices. For public clients, we negotiate for added value PSAs and publicity.