Social Marketing

Put simply, social harnesses the power of marketing to create stronger businesses, happier customers, and a better world.

A lot has changed in public health and the environment since the advent of social marketing more than 30 years ago. But today’s consumers and taxpayers have higher standards for both companies and governments to solve public problems.

We help companies with strategic decisions and the marketing of their corporate social responsibility commitments. We help governments and nonprofits change public opinion. And through it all, we move people to change their habits in ways that ultimately change the world.



We are not dabblers or dilettantes when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues. Many supposedly “green” agencies are all too happy to take your money and then tarnish your brand with half-baked claims or flat-out greenwashing. Our long experience in corporate social responsibility tells us it’s better to work behind the scenes to get your house in order before rushing to market with a questionable green message.

To that end, we offer a two-pronged approach. For companies interested in “going green” but still in the early stages of getting there, our sustainability consulting arm can provide the expert technical guidance to do it the right way.

For businesses already well down the path, EnviroMedia combines industry-leading expertise in the field with the capabilities of a full-service agency. It’s all backed by a proven track record and a decade-and-a-half head start on the competition in the sustainability arena.