I Hate the Word “Exciting” But I’m Truly Excited About, Of All Things, Electric Buses

Posted 02.13.2017


Originally Posted on Huffington Post When’s the last time city transit employees were so excited over a new bus, they publicly performed a line dance? Never. But when Houston unveiled its first Proterra electric bus in November, Metro employees danced the “Electric Slide.” (Go to 2:30 in the video; adorable.) As Proterra CEO Ryan Popple […]

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Is Gender Disparity Being Debunked Just Like Climate Science?

Posted 01.17.2017

Originally Posted on Huffington Post This is the most difficult blog I’ve ever written. My company will be 20 years old next month, and over the past two decades I’ve written about climate change while mammoth industries work hard and spend millions to debunk science. I’ve written about our nation’s incredible water infrastructure while most […]

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What an Austin CEO learned at Standing Rock protests

Posted 01.04.2017

Originally published on Austin Business Journal Editor’s note: EnviroMedia CEO Valerie Salinas-Davis recently spent several days documenting the historic discourse at Standing Rock, capturing the emotions and controversies. Below are the lessons she has drawn from the experience on how an industry can move forward when opposing forces appear far from common ground. What an environmental […]

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Donald Trump Was Right: Tiny Fish Can Cause Big Water Supply Problems

Posted 12.15.2016

Originally published on Huffington Post “Shark!” That’s not Police Chief Martin Brody of Amity Islands from the 1975 movie Jaws. Wrong coast. Wrong century. Curt Schmutte, a consultant to the Metropolitan Municipal Water District of Southern California, recently saw a shark warning on a sign at a bait shop along the Sacramento River – easily […]

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Take Water for Granted? This Man Will Shift Your Perspective

Posted 12.01.2016

Originally published on Huffington Post “It’s really expensive to be poor.” That’s a rock star, quoting a celebrity. Well, a water rock star. That’s Water.org co-founder Gary White quoting his friend and colleague Matt Damon. I recently got to spend time with Gary at the South By Southwest Eco Conference in Austin, Texas, and he […]

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8 EnviroThings You Don’t Have to Worry About in Vegas

Posted 11.28.2016

Originally published on Huffington Post At least if you’re staying at the swanky Las Vegas Sands properties I recently got a “back of house” tour of the huge Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) property on the Strip, thanks to Jenny Yu-Mattson, Executive Director of Global Sustainability. LVS hosts some 50,000 visitors per day (18 million […]

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Why Austinites Should Care About Standing Rock

Op-Ed published by Austin American Statesman Only about 1 in 3 Americans know the natural source of their drinking water. They turn on their tap, the water always comes out — even in extreme drought — and so there is seemingly no need to understand the infrastructure it takes to get water from lakes and […]

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This Black Friday, Don’t Shop – Go Outside

Don’t look for me lined up outside a big box department store before dawn come Black Friday. Any camping out I do will involve dirt, hooting owls and hiking boots. Same goes for Valerie Salinas-Davis, co-founder and chief executive officer at EnviroMedia, an Austin-based advertising and public relations firm that focuses on the environment and […]

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#OptOutside: A Great Way To Not Do Something I Hate

Posted 11.21.2016

Originally published on Huffington Post I hate shopping. So you sure won’t find me in line at Best Buy, Target or Toys R Us this week on Black Friday. In fact, I’ll do anything to avoid going inside a store any day of the year, and if I can buy it online I will. In […]

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Dispatches From Standing Rock: Day 3

Posted 11.18.2016

Originally published on Huffington Post   When I was in the fourth grade, my Grandma was visiting my family when we were stationed at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, in 1972. It was time to take Grandma back to the bus station for her trip home to Tulsa, and I’ll never forget overhearing from […]

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