Don’t Mess With Texas

How do you keep a legendary campaign from the ’80s relevant in the 21st century? Ground-breaking research, new tactics, and lots of cool ideas. EnviroMedia is dang proud of our work on the great tradition of the “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign — including a logo refresh and TV spots featuring Texas icons like Matthew McConaughey and George Strait. During our 14 years on Don’t Mess with Texas, we added a kids’ campaign called the “Litter Force,” statewide road tours, and a college scholarship program. Best of all? We helped reduce per capita litter costs from $2.33 to $1.70 — while generating some $30 million in added value. Along the way, we drove “Don’t Mess with Texas” to Madison Avenue when it was voted “America’s Favorite Slogan,” beating out Nike’s “Just Do It” and “Got Milk?”.