10 Mar, 17 _ Press Releases
Mayor Steve Adler has declared Saturday, March 11, as “EnviroMedia Day” in honor of the social impact agency’s 20th anniversary. EnviroMedia is celebrating by introducing visitors from across the city […]
17 Jan, 17 _ Health
This is the most difficult blog I’ve ever written. My company will be 20 years old next month, and over the past two decades I’ve written about climate change while […]
04 Jan, 17 _ Environment
Editor’s note: EnviroMedia CEO Valerie Salinas-Davis recently spent several days documenting the historic discourse at Standing Rock, capturing the emotions and controversies. Below are the lessons she has drawn from […]
15 Dec, 16 _ Environment
  “Shark!” That’s not Police Chief Martin Brody of Amity Islands from the 1975 movie Jaws. Wrong coast. Wrong century. Curt Schmutte, a consultant to the Metropolitan Municipal Water District […]
01 Dec, 16 _ Environment
“It’s really expensive to be poor.” That’s a rock star, quoting a celebrity. Well, a water rock star. That’s co-founder Gary White quoting his friend and colleague Matt Damon. […]
28 Nov, 16 _ Environment
At least if you’re staying at the swanky Las Vegas Sands properties I recently got a “back of house” tour of the huge Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) property on […]
28 Nov, 16 _ Environment
Op-Ed published by Austin American Statesman Only about 1 in 3 Americans know the natural source of their drinking water. They turn on their tap, the water always comes out […]
25 Nov, 16 _ Environment
Don’t look for me lined up outside a big box department store before dawn come Black Friday. Any camping out I do will involve dirt, hooting owls and hiking boots. […]
21 Nov, 16 _ Environment
I hate shopping. So you sure won’t find me in line at Best Buy, Target or Toys R Us this week on Black Friday. In fact, I’ll do anything to […]
18 Nov, 16 _ Environment
When I was in the fourth grade, my Grandma was visiting my family when we were stationed at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, in 1972. It was time to […]
16 Nov, 16 _ Environment
Honestly. I was worried. Today, I witnessed a couple hundred of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies orchestrate with great savvy demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) […]
14 Nov, 16 _ Environment
Only about one in three Americans knows the natural source of their drinking water. They turn on their tap, the water always comes out (even in extreme drought) and so […]
26 Aug, 16 _ Health
Green pool water. Raw sewage. Horrible traffic. Those are issues being cited in post-mortem write-ups on the 31stOlympic Games hosted by Rio De Janeiro. Considering the pre-games news about Zika […]
12 Jul, 16 _ Uncategorized
It’s Infrastructure Week, and a nonpartisan coalition of public- and private-sector stakeholders has chosen May 16 to 23 to promote the need for government to invest in improvements to “roads, […]
28 Oct, 15 _ Press Releases
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct. 28, 2015 AUSTIN — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just awarded EnviroMedia a health marketing contract worth up to $100 million over […]
19 Oct, 15 _ Press Releases
AUSTIN — EnviroMedia just joined an elite group of businesses that are “Certified B Corporations” and members of 1% for the Planet. Fewer than 60 companies nationwide have earned recognition […]
12 Oct, 15 _ Environment
by Valerie Salinas-Davis via Then why in the world would you pray for rain? Yet that’s what some 21st Century politicians have done. So with Texas beginning Summer 2015 […]
03 Sep, 15 _ Press Releases
The National Public Health Information Coalition (NPHIC) announced that the EnviroMedia Social Marketing has been recognized with three gold awards and one silver award in a 2015 national competition honoring […]